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15 October 2006


Richard Davis

Any friend of Pamela's is a friend of mine! Nice to meet another hard-working patriotic good-looking woman.

The article is so stupid it's funny. It gives me a headache just thinking about how I should try to "stop being masculine and try to be human..." it still makes me laugh..

It's a shame but our young people are being indoctrinated to the author's (Jensen) way of thinking. Here in Philadelphia, the school district declared October to be "Gay and Lesbian Appreciation Month" - can you imagine THAT! outrageous.. 2nd graders are being taught about homosexuality.

Kids are discouraged from playing with toy guns or playing "war" or soldier... the liberals are ruining childhood and ruining our world.

Thanks for fighting the good fight Squiggler - I give you a big ole manly hug and kiss for all your hard work!


As a man, all I can say is, if you want us to protect you and be all battle-hardened and inured to danger and all of that, which of course means us risking our lives fighting with other men, you had better have some fine, fine pussy available 24/7, no questions asked.

Otherwise, there is no point to it at all.

Pal2Pal (Sara)


Women who like the men of the type described by myself and Pamela are rarely ice queens or delicate flowers. They are lusty women who work hard and play even harder. You aren't going to get your payoff if you think of it as a payoff. We don't play games. We celebrate your sexuality and we expect that you will celebrate ours. We respect our men and expect to have that respect returned in equal measure. There is an old saying, kind of a refrigerator magnet joke, but no less a truism: "When Mom is happy, everyone is happy." When men understand this simple fact, the payoffs to them are enormous. Strong, independent women will go to great lengths to keep their man happy if they respect them.

Think Barbara Bush and Laura Bush. Both are women you just know rule their internal roosts, and I wouldn't want to tangle with either of them if you try to hurt their man. And although of a different era, Nancy Reagan had similar traits. All three women married to men who became the most powerful man in the world during their marriages. But the seeds of becoming the most powerful man were sown in childhood and recognized by these women at a very young age. And yet when you read the Reagan biography you read a love story, I am presently reading MY FATHER MY PRESIDENT by Bush 41 daughter, Dora Bush Koch, and it is another love story. Think John Glenn and his wife, a love story. Think Chuck Yaeger. Hard driving, risk taking men who attract women who are fighters in their own right but chose to make their men their center, not because they have to, but because they WANT to. You can become an abuser and force your female partner to do your bidding, but unless she WANTS to, all you've done is prove you are stronger, not more manly. Now contrast that to the feminist ideal of men are unnecessary. They don't want or need you for anything anymore, not even sex. They trot down to the local sperm bank and reproduce clinically and then raise their children in a politically correct and sissified bubble. There will be no leaders out of the progeny of this group, just more wooses and sissies and feminists and heaven forbid, more frustrated Maureen Dowds and cuckholded Hillary Clintons.

Yes, we may be Princesses, but we are a Princess with an attitude. We want our Prince to be a Prince with an attitude to match our own. And then look out -- it will be one hell of a ride.

Squiggler, a.k.a. Princess 'tude


I quite understand what you are saying, and I don't deny it. I know that when Mom is happy, everyone is happy. That's how it works.

My point is quite simple: the existence of the kind of ideal man you describe presupposes institutionalized conflict between men over the possession of women. My experience has been that women actively enjoy, and are aroused by, men competing for them, and so they encourage it. This is not at all surprising. Who would not want to be fought over? It proves you are worth something.

In a civilized society this conflict does not have to necessarily be deadly, but it is conflict nonetheless, and men intuitively understand that in order to get the woman they want they will have to fight other men for her. They will have to be richer, bigger, stronger, etc. We know that this is the kind of man women want: there is nothing a woman wants less than a man who himself needs to be taken care of. They want a man who will take care of them. You said so in pretty much as many words. (Of course, being dominant is not the same as being domineering.)My only point is that there must be a quid pro quo here: if women have the right to expect us to fight for them, take care of them, protect them provide for them, etc., (which can be pretty darned tiring) then we have the right to expect and demand something in return. Nothing in life is free. Men are simple creatures: love and respect will do just fine. The coin in which this is paid is usually sexual. We want our women to love and respect us and to give themselves to us freely, of course. And we are willing to do quite a bit to get that. So long as this is understood, I don't see any particular problem.

However, this relationship is inherently unequal, with a great deal of the burden falling on the man. This can be pretty stressful for the man and dangerous for the woman should she suddenly find that for whatever reason her protector and provider can no longer fill that role. For all of its ridiculous excesses and wrong turns, it seems to me that feminism's original intention was to try to address that fundamental imbalance. If you are saying that you do not want this fundamental imbalance addressed at all, then certain things must be assumed, and one of these is that most men are going to feel perfectly within their rights to expect certain behavior on the part of their women in return for us taking care of them.

Constantly having to prove ourselves to women is exhausting. All I am saying is that in return for our efforts to do our best by women, we want them to return the favor.

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