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08 October 2005



Squiggler I am an outsider (Australian) so don't understand the US political or judicial system and am also obviously not really entitled to a view as to how you order your affairs. I was however quite taken with your comment on Instapundit and what you have to say here.

What you have to say about Meirs really resonates.

“For a woman to succeed as she has and break the ground (the glass ceiling) as she has in the era she did means she HAD TO BE much brighter, much harder working, much more savy than any of her male counterparts. That's just the way it was.”

Exactly the same story here but in our case can’t be spoken of as the way it was.

How our appointments are made to in fact all of our courts is described below by one of our leading legal academics.

“In fact, governments choose one person from a range of talented candidates and the choice is influenced by considerations ranging from politics to personal friendships. Under a process affected by who you know and your ability to navigate the male-dominated bar, it is not surprising that so few women come into contention for the High Court”

So I without the requisite knowledge certainly, but listening to the arguments being made against Meirs find, as I said, what you had to say made a lot of sense. And the notion that unless the individual attended an Ivy League uni makes the beliefs about what constitutes excellence in this field seem more Japanese than the usual perception I have of American society.

Amongst the arguments that we occasionally have here is the need to inject into the system persons who aren’t members of the “Club”. Meirs background would seem to be a very positive injection of the outsider (of the legal Club) into your system, in addition to the reality that the pool of women for selection is so constricted by the mores and memes of the ruling class of the legal fraternity.

The view that Bush is very good at finding the bright and is not afraid of surrounding himself with them is seen as reasonable by many Australians, except of course the knee jerk hate Bush crowd. I look forward to seeing if this woman is in fact a shift by Bush from the Club and whether his judgement of her capabilities is correct.

Why are your right politicians working so hard at tearing apart the coherence and, what up until recently seemed courageous and innovative approach to matters national and international, that the Republicans seemed to represent.


Hi ya Doll. Loved your Meirs arctile. In fact i was like many who screamned wtf, until i read that the judge that died and another famous judge also never served as judges before their appt.


I read your comment on Instapundit--I have to say I was baffled. I can't imagine how someone could get the situation so backwards!

The principled ones are the conservative commentators who have shed much of their credibility over the last few years carrying water for the G.O.P. on the war, medicare, etc. all for this moment! Finnally they have had enough and are criticizing the 'business as usual' Republicans.

In any event, since those commentators are actually making arguments, and you instead choose to attack them as egotistical children, perhaps you might think about actually forwarding an ARGUMENT about why criticizing Miers is bad for the conservative movement.


SQUIGGLER says: Criticizing Miers at the proper time is one thing, but these brutal ad hom attacks against her before she has even appeared before one committee hearing is petty and unfair. Her accomplishments in the male dominated Texas legal profession are dismissed as inconsquential more because she succeeded over and above some of these same critics and their own egos won't let them give her the credit she is due. I'm not a dishonest blind follower of any one, least of all a political party. I have just about as many serious problems with the far right as I do with the far left. If all these critics were doing was attacking her positions on their pet subjects, that would be one thing, but that isn't what is happening. They are attacking Ms. Miers as being a lightweight and even going so far as to say she is too stupid to be a Supreme Court Justice and this is not only unfair to her as a nominee but untrue as well. They are just mad because they are still waiting to avenge Robert Bork and figured this nomination was their chance. I think we all know why Buchannan criticizes this choice, his long held resentments against the President and those who voted for him is well known and speaks volumes to his motives. Bill Kristol is so insipd and so out of touch, his comments can be dismissed as ridiculous. I don't think he even knows the woman. Charles Krauthammer is the big disappointment to me. I have always had great respect for his opinions and can't explain why he has chosen to go with the Washington crowd. My opinion of his opinions has been lowered significantly since reading his reaction. For myself, I have yet to see anything that would disqualify Harriet Miers and much to recommend her. Will my opinion be the same after I hear her testify in front of the Judiciary Committee? I can't say as I haven't heard her testimony yet, but neither have these commentators. All they do is put her down with no supporting evidence and lots of negative speculation. I'm sorry if you don't agree with me that Harriet Miers deserves a fair hearing. And I'm sorry it bothers you that I've lost complete respect for these commentators, but I have. To me they look like a bunch of petty-minded individuals who thought they saw a chance to regain some of the stature they've lost in the last few years. They may have regained some with the far right, but in doing their number on Miers, they've lost an awful lot of us who are far more moderate and make up the true base of the Republican party. I'm not alone in my estimation, read some of these comments over on the Wall Street Journal at:

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